Traveling around can never be cheap. Think of the flight ticket, the accommodation, attractions, food and oh my gosh the souvenirs too! I’ve traveled quite a fair bit around Asia (haven’t touched on Europe yet!), so I have compiled a few travel tips for those who want to save some money!

Number 1: Strong Currency

This is a huge bonus for those who live in a country where their currency is stronger than the place that they want to go. For example, if I want to go visit my family in China, ~$5 Chinese Yuan would only be $1 AUD for me.

This may not be a big difference, but it eventually builds up and you’ll thank your country for their strong currency! So definitely research and find a place that have a weaker currency than yours when deciding where you want to go.

Number 2: Booking WAYY ahead

I don’t know about booking last minute, but booking wayyyyy ahead of time can really save you a lot of money! Though I’m not sure why that’s the case, most flight companies offer huge discounts for flights as early as 1.5 years before the departing date. So if you want to go somewhere, definitely start booking now!

Number 3: Travel in Low Seasons

It is a surprise that many people don’t realise how important it is to go during the low seasons. Not only is it cheaper, but it is also less crowdy when you visit famous attractions and landmarks.

If you really want to visit during the high seasons, go early or later. For example, I know one of Japan’s high seasons is when their cherry blossoms open. If you want to view this breath-taking sight, go earlier or arrive later when all the crowds have dispersed.

Number 4: Travel Together!

If you plan on traveling on a budget, definitely go with a few friends to save some money together. I can’t say for sure that flight tickets would be cheaper, but accommodation is definitely one of the biggest reason to go as a group.

You can have more fun and share unforgettable experiences together too! So going together with a few close friends are definitely a must to save money and memories too!

Travel tips: the ultimate frugal way
Photo by from Pexels

Number 5: Accommodation In Person

I can’t say for sure for all accommodation, but usually, if you book accommodation in person, you’ll get a discount. This is because motel and hotel owners pay advertisers online to advertise their place, and sometimes, the advertisers gets a commission too.

Which is why if you book in person, the motel or hotel is most likely going to gain more as compared to receiving clients online. So definitely give booking in person a shot!

Number 6: Exchanging cash

This is not always the case in every scenario, but do avoid exchanging cash at the airport. When I went traveling with my family, they will always exchange a little bit at the airport, just enough for us to pay for the taxi ride to our hotel. After that, they will look for an exchanging place outside the city area.

This is because airport and the inner-city often have lower rates as compared to the outer areas. As I said before, this is not always the case, so if you want to save some money, do look out and compare your rates first!

Number 7: Walk!

Taxis, cars and transport can sometimes be quite expensive. Transport can be especially frustrating because you don’t know if they’re expensive or not, which is why you should always try to walk instead!

Walking can bring you to secret and surprising places that transport can’t! When I went to Korea with my family a few years ago, we walked through small alleys and streets and came across a busy dumpling restaurant. Since we haven’t had lunch yet, we went in straight away, I have to say, that has been my favourite dumpling place ever since!

travel tip: the ultimate frugal way
Photo by Emre Kuzu from Pexels

Number 8: Local Advice

Sure, tourist pamphlets and guides can be really helpful. But if you want to really understand and experience the culture of your selected country, then definitely ask for local advice on where to visit and eat! Not only is it usually cheaper, but you also get a better understanding of their culture too!

Number 9: Plan It

Another thing that many people look over when trying to save money, is planning for their itinerary and budget. Before you go to your selected place, calculate how much you’ll expect to spend on accommodation, food, attractions, and transport. Always remember to add in some emergency funding to your budget too! That way, there won’t be any surprises and you’ll be prepared too.

Number 10: Tax-Refund

This is something that many of my friends around me did not know. As a tourist, you can actually claim tax-refund when you go shopping overseas. Although it’s not a lot, something is better than nothing! You can usually claim tax-refund in large shopping centers or the airport. So if you arrive early for your flight back home, take a few minutes to visit a tax-refund desk to claim your money! (Remember to bring the receipt and your passport!)

In Conclusion

These are money-saving traveling tips that I know of through my various traveling experiences with my family. I’m sure there will be lots more tips in the future, so I will keep this post updated! If you know of any other money-saving traveling tips, let me know in the comments below!


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  1. This is some great advice. I had never thought about booking in person or traveling with a group as a way to save some money. Thank you.

    When I lived in Thailand for a few years, I learned that certain banks from one’s home country, the USA in my case, will offer Checking accounts with no international withdrawal fees at all. You get the market exchange rate at the time of withdrawal, and they will reimburse you for local atm fee if it has the Visa symbol on the machine.

    Thanks again!


    1. Wow, that’s so interesting! I’ll definitely add this valuable piece of information on my next update! Thank you so much for giving me this tip and for dropping by as well!

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