We are creating more and more waste and plastic on our Earth. By the year 2050, there will be more plastic in weight than fish in the ocean! We can not just stand here and watch as our home fall apart. We must be more eco-friendly order to change that.

You don’t have to change your career or throw your life out there to change our current situation. You can, however, start being eco-friendly somewhere small and comfortable…like your home! Although it doesn’t seem like switching things up at home will change anything, a small change is still a change. And when everyone creates these small changes, it becomes something big!

So what is this small change? It’s by switching out your disposables to reusable items. I’m sure you’ve heard of the usual ‘Keeper cup’ and ‘metal straws’, but since our society is becoming more aware of our environment, there are actually lots more things that we can replace our daily items with! Before we get into the list, please have a look at this VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO!

Plastic Desctruction

Everyone should watch this at least once

Posted by Stop Plastic Pollution on Saturday, May 11, 2019

Horrible isn’t it? That’s why we NEED to change up some of our items in order to make progress into a greener Earth!

*Disclaimer: I do NOT receive any commission for any of the mentioned items/companies/links that I have provided in this post*

Number 1: Reusable Straw and Cups

I promise this list will get even more exciting and interesting, but let’s not forget about one of the most important ones! Plastic is a BIG no-no to our environment right now. Did you know it takes 1000 years for plastic to break down? We’ll all be covered in plastic before we could even get rid of them!

So start replacing your plastic straws and cups with reusable ones. There are many alternatives to plastic straws, such as bamboo straws, Green+Kind stainless steel, glass, paper, STRAW (wheat) straw or even just no straw! Interesting right?

You should also do your best to switch up your plastic bottles and reusable cups with a ‘Keeper cup‘ or a stainless steel bottle. Americans throw away 35 billion plastic bottles a year, but only 9% of them are recycled! Start switching!

Number 2: Towels

I know I am a HUGE paper towel user. My hands are wet? Paper towel. A spill? Paper towel. Dirty table? Paper towel. It is a shame to tell you guys that our family goes through at least 12 rolls of paper towel a year! They are NOT cheap too!

We’ve started to slowly cut down on them, but it’s still not enough. So don’t be like us and start investing in towels instead. They’re are washable and do better too! They can last you for a long long time if you maintain them well!

Number 3: Clothing

Although most of our clothing is made out of wool, you’ll be surprised to hear that some clothing is actually made out of flexible plastic or plasticized fabric! So look out for extra information on the clothing tag to make sure you’re not wearing any plastic!

There’s actually a brand of apparels that sell clothing out of 100% recycled materials, so I hope everyone could check them out! They’re at Recover Brands.

Number 4: Biodegradable disposable waste bags (FOR DOGS)

Do you have a dog and love walking them every day? Even if not every day, I’m sure you’re always ready to have your doggy’s waste bag ready in case they decide to do their business.

Instead of purchasing dog plastic waste bags for those walks, why not invest in a more Eco-friendly one like a biodegradable one? That way, you won’t be creating extra waste too! Check out On Ya Life‘s biodegradable waste bags!

Number 5: Reusable sandwich wrap

I don’t know about you, but I am a bit fed up with food that is wrapped up with plastic by restaurants and shops. I rarely eat on the go, so I usually sit down at restaurants and use their reusable utensils. However, if you’re always on the go, avoid the shops and make your own food. Even better if you use your own lunch box or a reusable sandwich wrap!

Number 6: Recycled Pens

Now it was an interesting one. There are plastic everywhere around my home, but if there is something that I have A LOT of, that would be pens. I would THINK that I’ve run out of pens, so I’ll go to the shops to buy some, ONLY to come home and find another pack of pens lying in the deepest darkest part of my stationery box.

But did you know there’s a company out there called Pilot’s Pens that actually makes pens out of recycled water bottles? You should go check them out!

Number 7: Recycled Paper

Ah, paper. One of the biggest contributors to our landfill is paper. 95% of paper comes from trees and 50% of the waste of businesses are paper. Without a doubt, it is a horrible figure. We are contributing to deforestation every single day by buying and using paper.

I know there are people who will not turn to technology and use their devices instead of paper, which is fine. It’s their personal preference and I know this is especially true for some book-lovers out there. But it would be great if we could all purchase recycled paper instead, so we could reuse our papers and protect the trees! Not sure where to get them? Check out GreenLine’s Recycled Papers here!

Number 8: LED light bulbs

So why are LED lights better? LED lights are actually 80% more efficient than traditional, where 95% of energy is converted into lights, so less energy is wasted. When less energy is wasted, is reduces demand for power plants and DECREASES greenhouse gas emissions!

I’m not even making this up, but last year, we had a semi-power outage (if that’s even a thing). So there wasn’t a lot of electricity around our house, but there was just enough to dimly light up a few light bulbs. Our house uses a variety of different bulbs (don’t ask me why I have no idea too) and so, most of our bulbs were glowing very dimly EXCEPT 1. That one light bulb was an LED light bulb and it was considerably lighter than the rest. Although you can still tell the lack of electricity had an impact on it since it was flicking, it was VERY BRIGHT! Unfortunately, the outage was during dinner and the VERY BRIGHT bulb was in the bathroom, but hey, at least we didn’t shower in the dark!

8 things to replace at home for an eco-friendly lifestyle
Photo by Wilson Vitorino from Pexels

In Conclusion:

So here were the top 8 things to replace at home for a more Eco-friendly life. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I wish you guys the best of luck on this Eco-friendly journey! Let me know if there are other Eco-friendly alternatives that you guys use and I’ll update the list! Well then, bye for now!


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  1. I am trying to reduce the usage of plastic as much as I can. One thing’s for sure, I try to use my glass jar as much as possible. I agree with you about using some towels. It is super handy and you don’t need to worry about buying new paper – you just need to remember to wash them hehe. I love all of these ideas that you’ve shred! Thanks so much!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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