Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s ready to surprise us before we even realise! We’re so busy working or going to school, we don’t even have enough time to think of what to give to our father! I know exactly how you feel because I’m in the exact same position!

As a university student, assignments and homework are starting to pile up on top of each other! Other than weekends, there’s something due every other day! With time restraints and limited budget, what can I give?

Looking back at what I’ve been giving in the past few years and other research, I’ve compiled some nice last-minute CHEAP DIY for Father’s Day this year! So without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at these nice DIY ideas that don’t require too much of your time and money!

Number 1: Personalised Cards

I know cards can be really mainstream and boring, but it doesn’t have to if you personalise it yourself! You can customise it depending on what your dad likes or you can make something new that’s fun and interesting! Last year, I made a card with a neck-tie, since my dad works in a typical office job. If you want some ideas, check out these for inspiration!

For more ideas and FREE printable Father’s Day cards, click here!

Number 2: Motivational Toilet Roll Cards

I’ve changed this a little bit. The original creator called this is the Toilet Roll Father’s Day Cards, but it’s so cute and simple that you can make more and add in a few motivational quotes too! If your dad works in a stressful environment or just need some motivations in general, make a few of these cute toilet roll cards and write some nice quotes to cheer him up!

Here are some examples for you!

  • Always looking up to you!
  • You’re the best!
  • You’re my favourite! (Don’t tell mum!)

Get the instructions here!

Father's Day DIY
Pink Stripey Socks

Number 3: DIY Tools Crate

Now I know this isn’t necessarily a quick gift, but if you’re like me and you like saving money by making something yourself, then this is the gift to go! If my dad isn’t in his office, then he’s most likely outside building or fixing something! We have about 3 mini tool boxes, and it’s super frustrating when you carry one out and it doesn’t have what you need!

“Ugh the hammer is in the other box!” or “Do I really need to carry all 3 of them out??”. Which is why this is the perfect time to make one yourself and customise it along the way! Here are the instructions for them!

Father's Day DIY
Mom Spark

Number 4: Stache Jar

This is really simple if your dad is a sweets monster. Use an empty jar and fill it with things that your dad enjoy eating! It doesn’t have to be sweets either. You can treat it like a gift box and fill it with random items that you know your dad will appreciate!

Here’s an example!!

Father's Day Gifts DIY
Alice Wingerden

Number 5: Personalised Beer Growler

Is your dad a huge beer drinker? I mean, there aren’t many out there who isn’t! Think about drinking beer and having a barbecue in summer! Nothing can really beat that…except this personalised beer growler for your dad! It’s super easy to make and really inexpensive too! You only need 2 important materials for this, click here for the instructions!

Father's Day Gifts DIY
Kristi Murphy

Number 6: Personalised BBQ Plates

So we’ve got the beer done, now on to the BBQ! I’m sure many of you (me included) have a grilling master at home. And let me guess, that’s probably your dad, right? I have no idea why but dads are quite into grilling things, mine included! So what better gift to give them than some personalise BBQ plates, so they won’t get confused which plates had raw meat and which didn’t!

Number 7: Water Colour Marble Mug

Maybe your dad isn’t a beer drinker, but a coffee lover? If so, then that’s not a problem either, because you too, can personalise a mug for your dad to use in the morning! Not only is it pretty and cheap, but it’s also super easy to make too! Click here for the full instructions.

Father's Day Gifts DIY mug

Number 8: Photo Bookmark

This is the perfect gift for all the book-loving fathers out there! This lovely bookmark is not only cheap and simple to make, but it’s also quite creative because you can laminate any photos you would like to put on it! Whether it’s your dad’s favourite football player or photos of his grandchildren, the ideas are endless! Here are the instructions!

Father's Day Gifts DIY photo bookmark
Style Me Pretty

Note: You do NOT need to cut around the edges. If you prefer a rectangular bookmark, you can skip the cutting out step!

Number 9: Superhero Bookends

And if they love reading, then they definitely have a lot of books lying around! Why not organise those books with these really cool superhero bookends! This is an extra bonus if your dad is into superheroes too! If not, then that’s okay! You can customise them with another character! Here are the instructions!

Little Red Window

Number 10: Photo or Scrap Book

This is my personal favourite! Bring back those nostalgic fun adventures and memories that you’ve shared with your dad and put them all into a book! Remember your first fishing or camping trip with your dad? Any inside jokes? These are all things that you could put in your scrapbook. Even better if you’ve got photos of those memories too! Let’s go get creative! Instructions here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe found some ideas to create your Father’s Day gifts this year! Wishing you all the very best and Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers around the world!

Do you have some DIY Father’s Day gift ideas to share? Let me know by the comments down below! Well then, bye for now!!


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