Are to starting your Eco-friendly journey but you’re not sure what to do with your plastic bottles? I know exactly how that feels! Ever since I switched my plastic bottles with a reusable one, I didn’t know what to do with the rest of the plastic bottles!

Since buying in bulk is A LOT cheaper…we have still have many unopened plastic bottles around the house! So what can you do with them? First of all, drink the water up and secondly, you can either recycle them OR make something useful out of them!

There are many DIY plastic bottle crafts out there which is perfect for mine and your situation, and I’ve decided to give them a shot and compiled some of my favourite ones here! Enjoy!

Number 1: Holder for Charging Cell Phone

This is one of my favourite ones so far! Unfortunately, we don’t have enough wall sockets around our house, so we have to keep switching plugs around! My brother’s phone charger broke, and we only had a short one at hand, so we always need to grab a stool or something to make sure the phone is charging. But luckily, we don’t have to anymore with this plastic bottle craft! Here are the full instructions!

10 ways to reuse plastic bottles
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Number 2: Water Sprinkler

Are your grass drying out but you don’t have time to water them? No worries! With a plastic bottle, you can achieve the same thing! Here are the full instructions to make your very own gardening sprinkler!

10 ways to reuse plastic bottles
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Number 3: Vertical Garden

If you’ve got a lot of big bottles like 1L soda bottles, then consider reusing them as a vertical gardening pot! Not only do they look amazing, but they’re also perfect if you want to save money instead of buying flower pots!

10 ways to reuse plastic bottles
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Number 4: Plant Protector

This is super easy to make and my mum has never been happier after using this! Here in Sydney, we have a lot of possums. Our house is no exception. We have one living in the tree near our garden and at night, they KEPT digging out new seeds to eat them!

My mum would plant melon and pumpkin seeds during the day, and the possums would come and dig it out. Next day, we’ll see nothing but empty shells on the dirt with a few small paw prints! It is super frustrating, which is why I’m glad we came across this craft!

All you need to do is: Cut the top of the bottle off then place them on your seeds. It’s as easy as that! Link

10 ways to reuse plastic bottles
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Number 5: Bird Feeder

This is another one of my favourite! It’s again, very easy to make and you’re also helping the birds around you! Although it might not look as good as a traditional bird feeder, this one is definitely much cheaper to make! Full instructions here.

10 ways to reuse plastic bottles
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Number 6: Ferment things

This isn’t my hack, but rather my mum’s. My mum grows a lot of those really long beans and our entire family LOVE eating them! They’re super fresh and delicious! But we also love it when she ferments them to make a spicy bean dish. My mum uses a large soda bottle for this (because the beans are really long) and it’s been her favourite fermenting method since!

Number 7: Pencil Case

This is a VERY interesting plastic bottle craft and is hands down my favourite. Although I haven’t tried it yet (because I don’t have any zippers in stock), but will definitely let you know when I do! So keep your eyes peeled! Before then, here are the full instructions if you want to give it a shot first!

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Number 8: Planter or Pencil Holder

This is another very interesting one! If you did the plant protector one in number 4, then you’ll definitely have some spare bottle bottoms (try saying this 10 times!) to use! Not only can you make it into another planter for your colourful garden, but you can also use it to hold your scattered pencils! If you would like to know how to, here are the instructions!

10 ways to reuse plastic bottles
Photo credit: Seamy’s Deco & House

Number 9: Piggy Bank

This is super cute and super smart too! If you have children or have younger siblings who would love to get their own piggy bank, then here’s your chance to make them one! Although it isn’t the prettiest piggy bank out there, it is definitely the most useful one!

My siblings all had a piggy bank. The money either got stuck because the hole on the bottom wasn’t big enough, or the piggy bank broke because they shook it too hard and accidentally dropped it! Ours was made out of ceramics, so yeah…Oh! And there’s another situation where my coins got lost due to the SHAPE of my ‘piggy’ bank!

So you see? This is actually the best piggy bank out there because it doesn’t do ANY of that! You don’t need to break it to get the coins and you won’t have to worry about your coins getting stuck like mine! If you would like to make it, here are the full instructions!

10 ways to reuse plastic bottles
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Number 10: Sealer

Do you have a lot of opened bags around the kitchen? An opened bag of spaghetti? Pasta? Cookies/Biscuits? Don’t worry about typing knots on them anymore! Grab your bottle and let it store and seal them for you! It’ll save you a lot of space too!

10 ways to reuse plastic bottle
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I hope you enjoyed this post and now have some ideas on what you can do to all those plastic bottles lying around your home! If you have any other plastic bottle crafts that you would like to share, let me know in the comments below! Well then, bye for now!


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