Does gardening actually save you money? I mean, you have to buy the soil and seeds, the cost will eventually add up right? But my answer to this is, YES! Gardening does save my family money! Gardening is like a long-term investment. You’ll start receiving more and more rewards as time goes by.

Not only does it save you money, but it also brings you many many surprises! Really? How? Well then let me tell you a very salty but rewarding story that I’ve experienced just last week (I know I’m a childish person…). So read on!

So, last week, my mum went up to me and said ‘are you free? Let’s harvest some potatoes later’. I asked her ‘are you sure there are potatoes? You can’t tell because it grows under the soil’.

She laughed and said ‘Of course there is! I randomly dug a few out just yesterday!’, so I said okay.

It was not okay.

I dug and dug and dug. The most I found were 2 tiny ones, compared to the 6 giant ones that my mum found on her end! So I went up to her end to find some more, but it was too late. My mum already took out all the potatoes on that end!

Photo by . ▃ from Pexels

Looking at my shameful bunch of…2 and a half potato (I accidentally broke 1 in half), I decided to give up. Then my siblings came running towards us to look for potatoes too, and I had to break it to them and say ‘there aren’t any potatoes left. I only found 2’.

Although they were disappointed, we ended up finding a lot of grubs instead. And so, for the rest of the day, we dug to look for grubs for our 4 chickens. My dad came to see how we went and said ‘so where are the potatoes?’ and we smiled, showing him a HUGE bucket of grubs instead!

After digging out the potatoes and worms, we had extra soil left. We weren’t sure what to do with this EMPTY pile of soil (I’m salty because there weren’t any potatoes), then my mum suddenly said ‘hey, I just remembered! My peanut plants need some soil!’. After that, we spent the remaining of the day moving soil onto the peanut plants.

So what was the point of telling you this salty story of mine? Gardening brought me more surprises and reward than what I had initially thought. I must admit, I was looking forward to harvesting at least 10 potatoes.

But instead, we had combined all our harvest and got around 10. As a bonus, we found some grubs for our chickens. Grubs like to eat the roots of our plants, so not only did we save our plants, we filled the stomachs of our chickens!

That night, when I went back into the house, we dined on the lovely potatoes that we harvested earlier that day. The chickens had some nice grubs as treats. The plants can survive just a bit longer now and our peanuts have some nice extra rich soil to grow into.

Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels

Thinking about it, we saved quite a few monies from our harvest today. We didn’t need to buy potatoes, our chicken pellets can last a bit longer now, we didn’t need to get more soil for the peanuts and didn’t have to buy any toxic repellents to get rid of the grubs!

Gardening is truly rewarding and has saved my money a lot of money. This was only one story of how we saved money through gardening. There’s too many to share with you all, but maybe one day, I’ll share them all with you. Especially about how we have about 30 types of chillies and how one melon seed flew from the front yard to the back and is now growing a tiny melon there!

Gardening is full of surprises and through gardening, I realise how tough mother nature is. Plants that survive through concrete and in tiny gaps on the walls. Those that thrive in the toughest conditions and those who just keeps on giving!

Through this story, I hope I’ve encouraged some of you to start a garden of your own. It doesn’t have to be huge and farm-like like my house (we live next to a busy main road! Talk about contrast!). It can be something small like herbs or strawberries. I want you all to experience the wonderful surprises of gardening and I hope you hear about your stories too!

If you’ve got any interesting or funny gardening stories to share, let me know in the comments down below! Well then, bye for now!

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  1. I love how you were able to solve SEVERAL different problems just by looking for potatoes! Sounds like you all really harvested an experience!
    Also, kudos to feeding the grubs to the chickens – I once tried to pull weeds, saw one grub and went right back inside – haha!

  2. Hey, we have a big garden at our home too. And yes, gardening solves so many things. Kudos to you, for having an awesome garden.

  3. I can see how gardening can save you money, especially when you’re doing it for the long run. Things will grow back and you’ll end up harvesting a lot of plants, hehe. I like that even though your potato broke, you didn’t give up and you kept trying. I know I would want a garden to grow things like green onions and such, hehe. My mom grows most of our mints, fruits, squashes, and etc! It’s pretty cool to see!

    Nancy ♥

    1. That’s incredible! May your mom’s garden last forever! Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving this lovely comment!

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