This is a disclaimer for any affiliated products throughout my blog. Every item that I have linked with you are all either what I love and use, what I recommend or chosen based on their high quality and reviews. The decision is yours and you are not forced to make a purchase.

I may receive a commission for the items that I have linked with you and they are at no extra cost to you. Since I’m really passionate about saving our environment and other social problems, I would like to donate 10% of my commission to charitable causes which may include:

  1. Environmental causes
  2. Children’s Hospital
  3. Cancer
  4. Mental Health and Disability
  5. Poverty and Hunger
  6. Education
  7. Domestic Violence and Survivors

Although I’m not really sure if there is a charity program for all the mentioned causes, I want to do my best to donate a bit for everything. My donation depends heavily on what is needed most at the current time and situation. The list is also incomplete as there are many many other social issues out there that need to be addressed.

As I am only an affiliate, I am not responsible for any outcomes based on your purchase. Please consult your doctors or dietitian for any food related affiliates. If you are unsatisfied with any of your products, please send your inquiries directly to the organisation, not here.

Thank you