There are many things that we all can’t live without. Things that we cherish or things that can help us organise our day. Today, I’m going to share with you all 7 things that I can’t live without as someone who is passionate about the environment, but also living a frugal life. So check it out!

1. My Account Book App

If you’ve read my other post before, then you’ll know how passionate I was about it. If not, then be prepared! I use a very helpful app to keep track of my expenses rather than a book because I try to avoid using paper the best I can.

So you see, I have this very adorable app that I use on my phone that keeps track of all my expenses. Every time I buy something, I would stand at the side and input that into my phone. After that, I can compare between months and see what ‘categories’ I spend the most on (in case you’re wondering, it’s food!).

I don’t think I can live without this app. It keeps all my expenses organised, it’s easy to use and most important of all, it’s SUPER CUTE. I absolutely love the graphics and it’s also got a story behind the characters too! I think everyone should download one on their phone too. It’s super easy to keep track on what you spend each month, but make sure you remember to add them in!

Download the app here for free! Android | Apple

(I do NOT receive a commission from this).

Kanahei account book app

2. My Reusable Shopping Bag

I’m a university student who goes to school 2 to 3 days a week. Whenever I’m about to go home, I would always give my mum a call and ask her if there’s anything she would want me to bring home. 99% of the time, they’re grocery items like apples, oranges, garlic, potatoes etc.

Here in Australia, our big grocery shopping stores Woolworths and Coles have recently stopped providing plastic bags for free for their customers (YAY!), so I got myself a reusable shopping bag. It’s super convenient since it’s ALWAYS in my bag.

I only take it out when I need it, then I put it back in when I’m done. I definitely can’t go anywhere without this, unless I want to bring home a pair of broken hands!

3. A Water Bottle and a Hot Water Thermos

I don’t think anyone can live without water, so I definitely can’t live without my water bottle! And since this is an obvious one, I’ve decided to add in a hot water thermos. I’m a tea person, I absolutely love all teas. But if I had to pick one…I wouldn’t. :p

It’s especially useful when it’s winter and you can’t bring your kettle to school. So the next best thing would be the hot water thermos. Not only can I bring tea into school, it keeps both me and my tea warm throughout the day!

Save money and get a water bottle
Photo by from Pexels

4. Phone and Laptop

I bet you saw this coming!

I know, this is a super obvious one. Especially after saying how I can’t live without my account book app in number 1! But don’t worry, I’m not going to say stuff like “yeah, can’t live without social media, I HAVE to talk to people”, I can actually live off 3 hours of social media a day without a problem.

The reason why I added this in, is because of my blog. I don’t really like using too much paper, so whenever I have an idea for a post topic, I would type it down on my phone. After that, I would come home and add that list onto my laptop. That way, I won’t waste any paper and hopefully encourage some of you to cut down on the paper usage too!

5. Rechargeable batteries (+ charger)

I have a Wii and Xbox at home (I live with my family). We also have a television and other things that require batteries. But going back, I have a Wii and I absolutely love it AND hate it! I love it because it’s so fun that I can spend hours on it, but I also hate it because it eats batteries lightning fast.

Batteries aren’t cheap either! Since Wii uses up the batteries within a couple of days, I need to constantly change it with new ones and the amount of batteries that we have just adds up! Which is why after getting rechargeable batteries (with the charger), it saved us SO much space and money!

6. Towels

I know this is an odd one, but I can’t live without towels. I used to use up a giant roll of kitchen paper in a few days, so after slowly switching it with towels, it saved me a lot of money! Now I won’t have to grab kitchen paper whenever there’s a spill, wiping my hands and drying the dishes.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t completely gotten over my obsession with kitchen papers, so I’ll just have to keep trying! All it takes is a bit of practice and time. So wish me luck.


7. Sandwich press

I know, it’s a very strange thing to say ‘I can’t live without my sandwich press’, but I really can’t. Although it’s called a ‘sandwich’ press, I see it as my ‘breakfast, lunch, dinner cooker’. Want some eggs with bacon? Throw it in the presser. Need to reheat last night’s chicken wings? Throw it in the presser.

It’s super useful and saves me money because first of all, it’s non-stick. So I don’t have to go out and buy oil. Secondly, as you can tell from before, it’s multi-functional. It doesn’t burn, the oil doesn’t jump out at you and you can pretty much cook anything on it! I can replace all pans and skillets with this!


So here it is! 7 (strange) things that I can’t live without! Not only does they save me money, they also save the environment (a little bit at a time)! I know some of them are strange, but hey, they’re really helpful! So what are some things that YOU can’t live without? It doesn’t have to be frugal or environmentally friendly!

Let me know in the comments below! Well then, bye for now!


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  1. Account book seems like a great way to budget – I have taken to budgeting on a weekly basis to try and save as much as I can to travel with next year. I think I need to check out this app. I too love my water filter bottle and I recently switched over to a filter jug in the house too instead of buying bottle water ♥

  2. I love the different tools you use to help the environment. Oooh, Account Book is super cute!! I like to use Mint even though it is a bit more difficult to use. I stopped using physical notebooks to track my spending now. Ooooh, I love thermal containers! Keeping the water cool and all, hehe. I try to buy reusable plastic items because they’re harder to decompose. YESSSS on sandwich presses!!! I am more of a panini person, hehe.

    Nancy ♥

    1. I’d have to have a look at Mint someday! I’m a huge tea fan, so thermal containers are a must have for me! And YES! I loooveeee panini as well! Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

  3. This is a really good list. I always have a bottle of water with me and a reusable shopping bag.
    Thank you for sharing your list with us!

    1. I know exactly how that feels! I’m glad to hear that you’ll be trying to quit your notepads, thank you so much for dropping by!

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