Did you know, more and more species of bees are endangered every single day. People are afraid of bees, so naturally, we will attempt to kill them before they harm us; through the use of pesticides and herbicides. What people DON’T know, is that bees are vital for our own survival on Earth.

Why are they vital? Out of 100 crop species that provide us 90% of our food, 35% of them are pollinated by bees, birds, and bats. Without pollination, plants won’t reproduce, and trees won’t bear fruits. So what can we do to help these bees? Here are 7 ways we can help save the bees, so you better BEE ready for this!

Number 1: Wild garden

For those non-gardeners out there, this won’t be an issue at all. All you need to do is let your garden go wild. Don’t remove the weeds and definitely not the dandelions and clovers (which are 2 of the bees’ favourites). This provides an ideal and safe environment for bees to wander around as they gather pollen and minding their own beesiness.

Number 2: Pesticides

As mentioned in the introduction, pesticides and herbicides are one of the main culprits that lead the bees to endangerment. Which is why you should do your best to avoid using toxic pesticides and herbicides on your garden.

If the nasty bugs are getting out of control, you can consider making your own DIY natural pesticides and herbicides instead! You can check out some bee-friendly ideas from here.

Number 3: Grow flowers that bees like

Since I mentioned how number 1 is perfect for non-gardeners to save the bees, that tip is a gardener’s nightmare! For those gardeners out there, don’t fret! There are two options for you!

You can either let a small patch of your yard go wild while you tend the other parts OR, you can specifically plant some of the bees’ favourite plants! These include Black-Eyed Susan, Butterfly Bush, Lavenders and Sunflowers. Want more ideas? Check out these 20 beautiful Flowers that attract bees!

Number 4: Local markets

Here’s another great one for both non-gardeners and gardeners! Instead of going to your supermarket, go to a local market instead! Support your local farmers buy purchasing groceries from them. Not only is it cheaper, it’s fresher too!

While you’re at it, support your local beekeepers too! Avoid buying honey from large supermarkets as they usually don’t buy from the locals. So if they don’t, it’s up to you to save the bees by buying from the local beekeeper yourself!

Number 5: Water basin

So you want to support and save the bees, but you live in an apartment? No worries, you can plant some of the flowers that were mentioned before AND provide a small water basin for the bees. All those hardworking bees get thirsty as well, so leave a small water bowl with some floating corks or some big stones for them to prevent drowning.

For those with a big garden, you can consider placing a water basin next to their favourite plants as well, that way, it’ll be easier for them to access!

Number 6: Education

I’m sure some of you might’ve read the introduction and thought ‘yes, I may be scared but I know they’re harmless’. That’s not the same for everyone out there though! There are actually many people that I know of who had no idea how harmless bees can be, let alone know how important they are!

So if you’re ever in a situation where someone (an adult or a child) comes across a bee, educate them about the importance and harmlessness of them and hopefully, they’ll spread this information with their other close friends and families.

7 Ways to Save the Bees

Number 7: Support Organisations!

Read through the list and thought it wasn’t enough? You’re really passionate about it that you’ve GOT to do more? Why don’t you consider participating and supporting other bees savers around your area!

Join the BEE-SAFE, The Honey Conservancy, and other bee-loving communities to help save the bees!

I hope my post can somehow convince you to become more aware of the bees around you and I hope it was helpful for those who were looking for ways to save them! If you have any other tips on how to save the bees, let me know in the comments! Have a bee-utiful day and bye for now!


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    1. I’m glad you’re trying out other methods to save the bees even though you can’t do most of the things from the post! I’m genuinely grateful for that! Thank you so much for dropping by and doing what you can to save the bees!

  1. Thank you for this. I’m scared to death of bees because my husband is allergic to their sting, and I’m always afraid that my kids might be allergic too (we don’t know for sure yet). But This is a good reminder that I still have to be more mindful of them as a species. They are good for our planet!!

    1. You’re so amazing! Thank you for looking out for the bees even though your husband is allergic to them and you’re absolutely terrified of them! We need more lovely people like you 😀

  2. Bees are so important in our society, and they’re the bros compared to wasps. I love that these are easy ways to help save the bees – there are definitely alternatives to harmful pesticides that won’t kill off the bees. I like that growing flowers that bees can get the nectar from helps a lot. Education is so important – the more we know, the more we can take action.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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