Now I don’t know about you, but I am a huge tea person. I drink tea for breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner! Now every time i throw my teabags in the bin, I feel REALLY bad. The leaves can STILL make some weak tea, but I’m not a huge fan of weak tea. So I usually don’t really know what to do with them except throwing them out.

BUT, after looking around and asking people around me, there are actually some really surprising practical ways that you can use your old teabags for! So here we have 13 surprising ways that you can reuse used teabags.

Number 1: Hydration

Did you know, teas actually have surprising properties that can re-hydrate your skin. All you need to do is, re-brew your tea and let it cool down. Pour it in a spray bottle, and that is it! Spray away and re-hydrate those dry areas! Any tea can do the job, but green tea are more effective in this area!

Number 2: Dark circles and puffiness

Have you been staying up to watch Netflix when you shouldn’t be? Or are you like me, who are trying to study and cram everything last minute? Whether you’re voluntarily or involuntarily staying up, the problem is, you’ve got dark circles!

But don’t worry, brew yourself some tea and calm down first. Then cool down those tea bags and put them in the fridge! Apply those damp cool teabags on your eyes and you should be good to go. It also works for puffiness if you’ve cried about your exam the night before!

Number 3: Soothe Sunburn

Sunburns can be really really painful. Whenever I try to apply for sunburn relief cream, it either stings my burns or it doesn’t help at all! This is where your used teabags come in handy. Get your DIY skills into this and make your own sunburn spray! Here are some instructions for it, it’s super easy, you’ll only need 3 ingredients!

Number 4: Grease!

Do you have greasy pots and pans that just doesn’t wash off no matter how hard you try? Well then add a few used tea bags into a pot filled with hot water and leave it soaked overnight. It should be much easier to get those greasy messes off!

Number 5: Absorb!!

If tea bags can do 1 thing perfectly, then it would be absorbing bad odour! I can’t even tell you how well it works! If ANYTHING smells bad, use a used tea bag! Remember to let it dry out before using them.

Here’s how I do it, if you have a smelly cupboard or pantry, place it anywhere on the shelves. If you’ve got a STINKY pair of shoes, shove a few tea bags in a pair of socks and leave it in your shoes. If YOUR feet are smelling bad, go wash your feet with water and a few tea bags. It works like a charm.

Number 6: Sooth irritation

Rashes, bug bites and itchy skin can be really irritating. If you haven’t got an irritation cream on you, then consider using tea bags as an alternative. Place them in the fridge and make sure they’re fairly damp. Then place them on your skin to sooth the irritations!

Number 7: Compost it!

This might be my mum’s favourite way of reusing tea bags! If you have a garden and compost your leftovers, then definitely add tea bags to the list! Don’t throw them away and feed them to your garden instead.

13 ways to reuse tea bags

Number 8: Steaming pores

If you’re like me, ahem…you might have some unwanted black heads on your nose. Something I feel like shower steams don’t really do the trick, so I always use steam instead. You can do that too, and with tea bags to add extra hydration to your skin.

Place some used tea-bags in a bowl of hot water. Lean over so that the hot steam can reach your face, and then it should open up your pores. The antioxidants in the tea can hydrate your skin while you do that too!

Number 9: Renew wood furniture

Are your wood furniture or surfaces looking a bit dull lately? Try using tea to polish your wood furniture to bring those shine back! Re-brew the tea and soak a towel in. Once it cools down, use the towel to polish your wood to bring back the colours!

Number 10: Glass Cleaner

Okay, I’ve made A LOT of posts on glass cleaners, and I swear glass cleaning companies are ripping us off! Not only can you make glass cleaners with vinegar, you can also make glass cleaners with tea bags! Just re-brew it and place it in a spray bottle! Wow.

Number 11: Treat Acne

If you’re like me and my sister, then you’ve GOT to use those tea bags to treat your acne! Whether you drink it or re-brew it to spray it on your face, it can sooth your redness and help treat your acne a little better!

Number 12: Dye

This is great if you’ve got some boring shirts that you want to give it a little twist to! Re-brew your used tea bags in a big bowl and place your shirt in it! Depending on the tea, the colours can come out interestingly! So let’s get dyeing!

Number 13: A tea bath

You’ve got a lot of tea bags and you can’t be bothered doing the previous 12 methods that I’ve mentioned before? No problem, take a bath and dump all those tea-bags in as well! Hydrate your body and steam your pores at the same time! Remember to rinse properly after this though!

13 ways to reuse tea bags

I hope this list gave you some ideas on how to reuse those old and used tea bags in your kitchen! I’m a huge tea fan who’s obsessed with green tea, English breakfast and rose petal leaves! What you’re favourite tea? Do you know what else you can use used tea bags for? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I had no idea there were so many uses! I’m super excited to try using them for odor. The store bought ones are super expensive and normally don’t work well in my husbands gym shoes so I will be stoked to save a bit of money and to always have a solution on hand! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love that there are things to do with tea bags after its initial usage. Oooh, I like the idea of using them for your skin. I didn’t know they’re great for combating grease and renewing wood as well! I used to use tea to treat acne – it definitely works. Thanks for sharing all of these exciting ideas!

    Nancy β™₯

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful! I need to start getting into that routine too! My acne problem is crazy sometimes!

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