Many people don’t realise how long their clothes can actually last if they are properly maintained. The problem is, our habits are always preventing us from properly maintaining them and I know how difficult, annoying and time-consuming it is to look after every single piece.

Which is why I’ve compiled a list of things you could do to make your clothes last longer, especially for your favorite ones! So here are 12 ways to help make your clothes last longer and save you money from buying them again (too soon)!

Number 1: Quality over Quantity

I know how tempting it is to buy clothes that are cheap or on discount at the stores, however, it rings true when they say quality over quantity, even for clothing! Now I’m not telling you to avoid cheap clothes from now on, but if you are planning on buying something that you would like to keep for a long time, opt for a better quality one!

Number 2: Wash less often

No. Don’t throw your laundry basket down and ignore it for a month! There are some clothing that does not need to be washed as often as they need to! This includes coats, jeans, suits, nightgowns, etc. Washing them too often makes them lose their color or fabric faster!

Also, some people have a habit of throwing their clothes into the laundry basket after wearing them for a few minutes. It’s a habitual thing, but my sisters are exactly like that! They would be in their PJs, change into a t-shirt with shorts just to go get the mail, throw them into the laundry basket and back into PJs!!! So DON’T throw your clothes in after wearing it for a few minutes!

Number 3: Don’t Dry Clean

Nearly everyone I know makes the same mistake. They choose to dry clean their clothes rather than let it air dry outside, and it might even be one of their biggest mistake!

Dry cleaning your clothes can actually make your clothes fade out color and I’m sure you’ve found some random bunches of loose thread in your machine; yep, your clothes lose fabric as well! So always make sure you air dry your clothes if you want to make them last longer!

Number 4: Don’t over or under load

This must be a surprising one for many! Not having the perfect load can actually lose you money! If you overload your machine, your clothes won’t get washed properly and they risk losing colour too. If you underload your machine, you’re basically wasting water, energy, and detergent!

Number 5: Detergent

Talking about detergent, you need to make sure that you aren’t using too much! Having too much detergent can make your clothes dull and stiff, and it’s also bad for the environment too! So trial around and find the perfect reduction amount for your load!

Number 6: Folding

Do you have a bunch of heavy sweaters from winter that you’re planning to put away? Instead of hanging them, consider folding them! Hanging your heavy sweaters can actually make them more droopy since the fabrics are being pulled down. That way, your sweater maintains its shape and it’ll look as good as new!

12 ways to make your clothes last longer
Photo by Dom J from Pexels

Number 7: Stain remover pen

ALWAYS keep a stain remover pen on you at all times! Keep it in your car or in your bag, because you’ll be sorry when you need it! They temporarily help you with your stains so that they won’t ruin your clothes (or at least not as bad!)

If you don’t notice the stain until you’re home, using liquid dish washers for your stains! I use this all the time and it works really well! Squeeze an appropriate amount on the stain and give it a good scrub. Rinse it with water and throw it in the laundry basket! It’ll be like nothing ever happened!

Number 8: Fabric care label

Please follow the fabric care label, because if they ask you to hand-wash it, you should really hand wash it! For those who don’t know much about which type of clothes to wash in which condition, you should really follow the label carefully in order to make them last longer!

Number 9: Mesh bag

Put your undergarments and small items into a mesh bag! Not only will it help you wash them properly, but you’ll also always avoid a tangling situation where the hooks of your undergarment may snag onto another clothing!

Number 10: Zippers

Always remember to close the zippers of your jeans before you put it through the washing. Leaving it open can also make the zippers snag onto other fabric and it’ll be terrible if it was one of your favourites!

Number 11: Inside out

If you want to prevent your clothes and jeans from fading out, consider turning them inside out before throwing them into the machine. This will also work for some t-shirts that have images on the front. By turning them inside out, it’ll avoid cracking or fading too soon.

Number 12: Pillow case

Put your clothes away in a clothing case to maintain it through the seasons. If you don’t have one, you can use an unused pillowcase to act as a case instead. Pillowcases can also be used as an alternative for mesh bags if you don’t have one at hand.

I hope this post was helpful in making your clothes last just a bit longer. Do you have any tips on how to make YOUR clothes last longer? Let me know through the comments! Well then, bye for now!


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