Warning: Includes very startling statistics and descriptive imaginations! Not for the faint hearted!

Did you know, 9 million tonnes of plastic enter our ocean every single year? This is around the same as a full garbage truck dumping rubbish into the sea every minute. The amount is expected to double by 2030. Shocking isn’t it?

Our Earth is dying faster than ever and we need to change before it happens! If you’re still not convinced about why we should all become more environmentally conscious in our daily lives, then read on to see the top 10 reasons why we should go green!

1. Animals and plants are in danger

Around 137 insects, animals and plants species are lost every day. From pollution, plastic to deforestation, we are killing off the natural habitats of thousands of animals around the world! The number of endangered animals will only go up if we don’t do anything.

Plant species are just as severe. 25% of western pharmaceuticals are made with flora that comes from Amazon rain forests. Not only are the animal’s habitats at stake, our own personal health and well-being are also at stake as well!

2. Trees provides oxygen

Everyone knows that trees provide oxygen to us, but how do we know the numbers?

trees produce a lot of oxygen
Photo by Johannes Plenio from Pexels
  1. ONE mature tree can produce enough oxygen for TWO people.
  2. One ACRE of trees can produce enough oxygen for 18 people to breath for a year.

Like yeah, we get it. Trees can provide us oxygen. That’s cool. But so what? Wait for it…

ONE and a HALF ACRES of trees are lost every SECOND for land development and agriculture.

We are killing something that can keep us alive for years within a SECOND! Why do we do that? We need land for buildings, we need trees for our CRAZY paper usage and we need wood as construction materials.

Let me ask you. Which one would you pick? Buildings and paper or oxygen? You would be crazy to pick buildings and papers because you wouldn’t even be able alive to use them! You can’t breathe! It’s crazy when people think it’s okay to exchange our life source for things that we can live without!

3. Trees protects us

Trees can serve as a shield for winds as they can slow down wind speed. Why do we need to slow down wind speed? Some crops are wind sensitive and may not grow properly or very slowly. Slowing down the wind can also allow bees to do their job without getting blow away.

Trees act as our filter as well, since it can catch and trap dirt particles, giving us clean and fresh air. This is also why places with really bad air pollution should plant more trees because air pollution is really bad for our body and can lead to many severe illnesses.

4. We need the natural resources

That doesn’t mean we can mass produce them and ignore them! We need the wood to survive through winter, we need clean water, the plants to eat and we also need good quality air to breathe!

In today’s society, we are taking more than we need. We’re taking more than we can give back! Think of how long it will take to replant all those trees that we’ve cut down. Think about our plastic-filled ocean. Think about the dirty air that we need to breathe. We’ve got to change.


5. Giving back to the future

Remember the park that you went to when you were young? Remember those camping and hiking trips that you went with your family? Or that time when you visited the beach or the lake? It was fun, wasn’t it?

Now, don’t you wish your future children could experience that as well? If we don’t change now, our children will spend their childhood days at home playing their iPad or mobile phones (we’re already doing this!). They won’t ever know what it’s like to visit a park.

Imagine taking them to the beach, and instead of finding seashells, they find rubbish! Just the thought sends a shiver down my spine! You wouldn’t want that, would you? Because we’ve already started. Our job is to slow it down and hopefully turn it around. For our children’s sake.

6. To reduce waste

Did you know it takes more energy, time and money to produce something new from scratch as compared to recycling? There are many many things that we can recycle and reuse, things that are in perfect condition.

By producing new products and then throwing them out, we’re actually creating more waste and adding more to our landfills. So start recycling and reduce our waste!

Photo by Emmet from Pexels

7. Balanced climate

Trees are so amazing, isn’t it? I’ve already talked about they act as filters and windbreakers, but they can also balance our climate. Trees create more shade in our society, so there won’t be a need for air conditioning (in mildly hot weathers).

Everyday, we add more and more carbon dioxide into the air, which causes our Earth to heat up. Trees actually absorb those and produce oxygen for us to breathe. Trees do so much for our environment, yet we’re cutting down unnecessary amounts for our own greed.

8. Helps local economy

This places us in a different perspective. In a perfect world, everyone decided to go green and start their own farming business. A lot of people would come to support their businesses by buying from them. Now back to reality, there are actually people out there who sell directly from their farm.

By supporting your local farmer’s market, they’re able to continue their business and expand their farms to support our needs. Imagine buildings getting knocked down in order to build more farms! I truly hope to see that one day!

Local market
Photo by Mark Dalton from Pexels

9. Saves you money

YES! Becoming green saves you A. LOT. OF. MONEY. How? Imagine changing all your ‘one-time’ products with reusable ones! Do you buy plastic bags to put sandwiches in? Get yourself a lunchbox instead! It will save you so much money from constantly purchasing sandwich bags!

Same goes for your straws, plastic bottles, kitchen paper (get a towel instead) and plastic cups/cutleries. I would much rather spend an extra few minutes washing them than endlessly buying new ones.

10. You become happier

How many times have you become stressed and decided to go take a breather? Now imagine breathing polluted air instead. I don’t know about you, but that will make me even angrier. Breathing clean air when you need to take a break relaxes us and makes us happier.

Knowing that you’re doing something for our environment and trying your best to protect your surroundings really make you feel happier. When I was young, I felt humiliated when my mum made me pick up rubbish on the street. Now I do it with pride. Knowing that I’ve done something right really makes me that much happier!


I hope this post convinced you to start living a greener lifestyle. Now I’m not telling you to throw everything out and start all over again. I want you all to take baby steps, one at a time. We’ve only got one Earth and we share it with everyone else. So let’s be kind to our planet and give something back to it!

Thank you for reading.

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Thanks for reading


  1. I totally agree with you about going green. It sucks when people are denying that the Earth is dying at a drastic rate. Comparing now to years ago, we have so many different species extinct today. It is so important that we save our trees. I’m okay with printing fewer copies and using reusable towels if anything. I like that doing all of this makes us happier. I know it makes me feel good that I am doing something about the environment!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. I totally agree with you! Knowing I can save the planet and I’m doing something good can really make me feel better! Thank you so much for contributing to our planet and thanks for dropping by!

  2. I always have being more ‘green’ in the back of my mind but I know that I could probably be doing a better job. This is scary and people need to start acting now.

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