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Top 5 Frugal ways to take care of your health

We can all admit that medicines and a trip to the doctors are really expensive sometimes. What if you really want to take better care of yourself and have a higher quality of life? Well then, look no further as we unveil the top 5 frugal ways on HOW to ...
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Frugal Gifts people ACTUALLY want

Frugal and gifts doesn't really have a nice ring to it, so you must be surprised to see how there are actually frugal gifts out there that people would want to receive! If you're curious about it, how about reading further to find out more? Frugal Gift 1: Mason Jar ...
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Top 11 Frugal Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day is creeping in on us with only 7 days left until it approaches! Have you prepared a gift for your special someone yet? No? We promise we won't tell. But just in case you need some ideas...JUST IN CASE, 'cause we all know you've gotten them already 😉 ...
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